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Faqs for Sales, Registration & Products

We recommend you download and try our software as well as read faqs before purchasing. In this page, you can learn detailed FAQ regarding sales, registration and products. If your question is not in this page, feel free to contact us via [email protected].

General Sales FAQs
  • Is your online order secure?

    Yes, it is 100% secure. We use Share-it (One of the MyCommerce payment solutions) for all online orders and Share-it® is a registered trademark of Digital River GmbH. The secure server is at mycommerce.com, a veteran ecommerce company specializing in software & SAAS.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    You can use all mainstream credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, etc. Besides, Paypal and check (prepayment) are also accepted. Wire transfer is only available in some countries.

  • Does your price include tax?

    No. Sales tax may be applied based on your residence.

  • Will I be charged automatically in next billing cycle if I purchase a subscription?

    We provide flexible license plans including 1 month subscription, 3 months subscription, 1 year subscription, lifetime license and family license. Among the license plans, 1 month subscription, 3 months subscription and 1 year subscription are subcription-based orders. As long as you don't cancel the subscription manually or you don't contact us to cancel it, it will be renewed automatically when current subscription expires.

    From September 2022, we use "Orig_Purchase_ID" technology from MyCommerce. This enables you to use the original registration code to register the full version in next subscription again as long as your subscription hasn't been cancelled.

    MyCommerce will also send you a notification email to remind you about the subscription 14 days before the automatic renewal.

  • Is the price of upcoming billing cycle same as the first order?

    Yes, the price of any upcoming subscriptions are the same as the price of your first order. The price of any upcoming subscriptions won't be changed even we change the price in future.

  • How to cancel the next subscription?

    There are two ways to cancel the subscription, one is to cancel it manually by yourself, and the other is to contact our support team with your order information.

    (1) Please log in your MyCommerce account, and you can easily cancel your next subscription order. You can cancel the next subscription in any day of current subscription. As to your MyCommerce account and password, please check the next Q & A.

    (2) Contact our support team with your order information mentioned in the mail. Order information refers to the email address you used to purchase our product, the order number, or your license key.

  • What is my MyCommerce account and password?

    If you haven't created a MyCommerce account before, or you haven't purchased any product from MyCommerce account before, your MyCommerce account will be the email address you entered in the payment process. After purchasing, you can log in your MyCommerce account from "Log in - My Account" page, click "Request Login/Password", enter your email address and click "send data" button, then you will receive an email from MyCommerce soon. Open your mail box and follow the instructions in MyCommerce's email to reset your password.

  • Is there any refund guarantee?

    We provide different money back guarantee based on your license plan and other circumstances. Please refer to our refund policy to learn more details.

  • What information do I need to enter for purchasing your product?

    Basic billing information including Email, First Name, Last Name, Country and Zip Code need to be entered. If you use credit card to pay, you also need to enter your Credit Card Number, Expiration Day and Card Security Code. We fully respect your privacy and will never sell or send your personal information to any third-party. Please refer to our privacy policy for details.

  • What should I do If I accidentally purchased the wrong product?

    Please contact our support team with the order ID of the product you have purchased. Or you can directly purchase the correct product you want and then contact our support team with both order IDs, and then we will immediately refund the incorrect one to you. For other refund request, please refer to refund policy.

    If the prices of the wrong product and the correct product are the same, you can directly contact us to request a valid license code for the correct product. We will send you a new code for the correct product and disable the code for the wrong product at the same time.

  • Can I get a discount if I want to purchase two or more products from TuneMobie?

    We do not provide discount for subscription orders. If you purchased a lifetime license of one product, and you want to purchase another lifetime license of another product, you can contact us and we will provide 25% discount for you.

  • Can I get a discount if I want to purchase multiple licenses?

    We provide flexible license options including dual-OS plan for 1 PC + 1 Mac, as well as family license for up to 5 PCs or 5 Macs.

  • Can I purchase a CD?

    We provide download versions of TuneMobie products instead of CD copies. You don't need to buy CDs as the products will be upgraded constantly and you can download the latest versions of the product from our website without any limitations.

  • Can I purchase your product for commercial use?

    No, all TuneMobie products are sold as home editions and can be only used for individuals and family. Any commercial use are strictly prohibited.

  • Can I upgrade to latest version for free?

    As long as your license code is valid, you can upgrade to latest version for free. Simply download the latest version from our website, install it and overwrite the old version. Please do not run old version when installing latest version. For more information, you can read upgrade policy for more details.

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