TuneMobie - Upgrade Policy

All TuneMobie registered users, as long as their license codes are valid, can enjoy free software upgrade. The term "upgrade" here means software version upgrade, not license level upgrade. For example, if you have purchased TuneMobie Apple Music Converter and later you found we released a new version of this program, you can enjoy this upgrade for free. However, if you have purchased TuneMobie Apple Music Converter lifetime license and want to upgrade to family license, extra fees will be needed as prices of lifetime license and family license are different.

1. Software Version Upgrade

TuneMobie will upgrade software programs time and time for bug fixes, new features or feature enhancements, you can keep an eye on our website to know about the software version, and we have also added features of automatic new version check. Once there is any version upgrade, you can simply download the latest version and install it to overwrite the old version. You don't need to register again.

2. License Level Upgrade

If you want to upgrade your license from 1 year to lifetime or family, or from lifetime to family, extras fees will be needed . Such upgrade requests will be handled case by case. Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] and we can provide a discount for you.