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Free Online Spotify Playlist Converter: Convert Playlist Formats for Streaming Music

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When switching from Spotify to other streaming music service, or from other streaming music service to Spotify, you may want to transfer the playlists from one service to another, so that you can enjoy your favorite songs easily after change. Here we introduce a free online Spotify playlist converter which can help to convert Spotify playlist to Deezer, YouTube, SoundCloud, M3U, PLS fomrats, or create Spotify playlist from playlists on other streaming services. Besides, we also introduce a powerful Spotify playlist converter which can convert Spotify playlists to local MP3/M4A files which you can copy or transfer to iPod Nano/Shuffle, Sony Walkman or various MP3 players for playback.

Part 1: Introducing the Free Online Spotify Playlist Converter


playlist-converter.net is an online playlist converter website which can help you to convert playlists between online streaming music services and local music playlist format. Supported online streaming music services include Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and SoundCloud, and supported local music playlist formats are plain text, M3U, PLS and CSV format. The website is totally free and very easy-to-use, and if you feel it useful, you can have a donation.

As to Spotify, you can use it as a free online Spotify playlist converter for following goals.

  • Export your Spotify playlist as plain text, M3U, PLS or CSV
  • Convert your Spotify playlist to Deezer, YouTube or SoundCloud's playlist when switching streaming music service from Spotify to Deezer, YouTube or SoundCloud
  • Convert Deezer, YouTube or SoundCloud's playlist to Spotify playlist when you want to try Spotify Free or join Spotify Premium
  • Convert plain text, M3U, PLS and CSV to Spotify playlist

When switching between two streaming music services, songs in the original playlist will be matched in the new service, and a playlist will be created on the new service and the songs will be automatically added to the new playlist. It's really convenient for music lovers. However, this free online playlist is not perfect. Check the instructions below and you will know why we say it's not perfect.

Part 2: How to Convert Spotify Playlist to Other Music Services' Playlist

You can convert Spotify playlist to Deezer playlist, YouTube playlist, SoundCloud playlist, plain text, M3U, PLS, CSV, etc. Here we use Spotify playlist to Deezer playlist as example.

Convert Spotify Playlist to Deezer Playlist

Step 1: Open the playlist-converter.net first and click Spotify tab. Click "Login with Spotify" button. A new window will pop up and ask you to login your Spotify account. Click "LOG IN TO Spotify" button, then enter your Spotify account and password and click "LOG IN" or click "LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK". Click OKAY in next window.

Log in Spotify

Step 2: All your Spotify playlists will be listed in the drag-down list. Select a Spotify playlist from the list. In this example, we have 3 playlists and we will choose "Soul Coffee" playlist which includes 76 songs.

My Spotify Playlists

Then "Loading playlist from your account..." with spinning arrow will appear. Wait some seconds depending on your playlist.

Step 3: After loading the specific playlist, you can rename your playlist name and choose a convert format. As you can see, the track list will be also listed below. Here we use "Convert to deezer" as example.

Choose Spotify Playlist output format

Step 4: After a while, your Spotify playlist will be converted. Click "Connect to Deezer account for exporting" and log in your Deezer account, then your Spotify playlist will be exported to Deezer.

Convert Spotify Playlist to Deezer Playlist

The Problems of Converting Spotify Playlist to Deezer Playlist

We checked the converted list and found that several songs were not converted. That is to say, some of the songs won't exist in Deezer playlist converted from Spotify playlist. There are mainly two reasons. One is that the song is not available on Deezer and the other is the website can't analyze the song's file name correctly.

Spotify playlist conversion problems

Part 3: How to Create a Spotify Playlist from A Text List of Your Favorite Songs

Converting Deezer playlist, YouTube playlist or SoundCloud playlist to Spotify playlist will be similar to the guide above. In the same way, you may need to sign in different services' account to authorize and load the playlists.

In this section, we will show to how to convert a text playlist into Spotify playlist.

Convert A Text Playlist to Spotify Playlist

Step 1: Click "Plain Text" tab and enter a list of your favorite songs. It's recommended to use "song title - artist" format. The song examples we used below are common songs which should be familiar by most people. Please note that you can enlarge the input area by dragging the upper-right corner.

A text playlist of your favorite songs

Step 2: Click Convert button and rename the playlist. Here we use "MyTestPlaylist" as playlist name. Then choose a convert format, here we use "Convert to spotify". Please note that the track list will be listed under the formats.

Choose Text Playlist's Target Output

Step 3: After a while, your text playlist will be converted. Now click "Login with Spotify and export the playlist to your account", then log in your Spotify account.

Convert Text Playlist to Spotify Playlist

Once you logged in your Spotify account, you will see "Playlist created" dialog as below. The link of the created playlist will be in the dialog and you can share it to your Facebook or Twitter.

Spotify Playlist Created

Now you can open Spotify program and enjoy your new playlist. However, such a playlist conversion is still not perfect.

The Problems of Converting Text Playlist to Spotify Playlist

In our test result, there are two problems. One is that the artist of the song "Wild Ones" is "We Are Wild Ones Florida" instead of "Florida", this may not a problem because the song is what we need when we play it on Spotify. The other problem is that the song "my love - westlife" is replaced by the song "Redbone - Childish Gambino" from "Awaken, My Love!" album, which is far away from our expection. However, when we search "my love - westlife" in Spotify program, the song is right there.

Spotify Playlist Conversion Problems

Best Spotify Playlist Converter: Convert Spotify Playlists to Local MP3/M4A Files

No matter which streaming music service you use, the best way to enjoy the playlist is to download the playlist to local computer as all-purpose MP3 or M4A files. As to Spotify, we all know that Spotify Free doesn't allow users to download songs, and Spotify Premium users can download Spotify playlist for offline listening in protected Ogg file format. However, the protected Ogg files can't be played on iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, Sony Walkman and various MP3 players, or used as background music in video editing programs or apps. That's why we need a Spotify playlist to MP3 converter.

TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter is a dedicated Spotify playlist converter which can convert Spotify playlists to MP3 or M4A files on computer. All ID3 tags like song title, artist, album, genre, artwork, etc. will be preserved in the output MP3/M4A Files.

TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter is intuitive and easy-to-use, both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium users can use it as Spotify playlist to MP3 converter. It's available for Windows and Mac and fully supports latest Windows 10 and macOS Catalina.

Follow the steps below to convert your favorite Spotify playlists to MP3/M4A files.

Step 1: Launch Spotify Music Converter and Spotify will be launched automatically. Do not close Spotify when using the program.

Step 2: Click "Add Files" button and add Spotify playlist to the program. You can directly drag a Spotify playlist from Spotify to Spotify Music Converter, or get Spotify playlist link by right-clicking a Spotify playlist, then paste it in the program.

Step 3: This smart Spotify playlist to MP3 converter will list all the songs in the playlist and check all of them by default. Unchek any songs if you don't want to download. Click Add button to add the selected songs to conversion list. You can repeat the steps to add multiple playlists, however we recommend you only convert a playlist at one time so that you can sort different playlists into different folders when setting output folder in Step 4.

Choose Spotify Songs

Step 4: Choose output folder and output format. By default, 320kbps MP3 will be used and you can click Options button to change.

Step 5: Now click Convert button to start converting Spotify playlists to MP3 or M4A.

Downloading Spotify Music

Then you can open any music player software, create a playlist using the same name of your downloaded playlist and add the songs into this playlist. Repeat the steps to create multiple playlists.

Though Spotify Music Converter is not an online Spotify playlist converter, it can help you download and convert different Spotify playlists as MP3/M4A files. Even you stop using Spotify and switch to other streaming music services, you can add the local songs to new music service and create playlists same as the ones on Spotify. It may cost some time to convert Spotify playlist as MP3/M4A and create playlists, but the result is that you own the exact same playlists anywhere on any device without any difference.