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How to Add Apple Music to VivaVideo as Background Music

Linda Shaw | October 4, 2022 | License plans: 1 month $14.95, 3 months $29.95 & more | Buy Windows Version | Buy macOS Version


VivaVideo is one of the best video editing apps which can help you to make stunning movies from videos, photos and songs with only a few taps. VivaVideo is available on both iOS and Android, comes with easy-to-use operation, plenty of built-in effects and powerful video editing functions. However, VivaVideo only allows you to use MP3 as background music. If you have an Apple Music subscription and want to use favorite Apple Music songs as background music in your project, you need to use Apple Music Converter to convert Apple Music songs to MP3 first.

Introduction of VivaVideo, One of the Best Video Editing Apps

VivaVideo App

With the continuous improvement of mobile CPU processor, RAM and other components, now mobile phones and tablets are powerful enough to edit videos and make professional-like movie stories. That's why video editing apps were released one by one in recent years. You may have heard of VivaVideo, VideoShow, inShot, Splice, Quik, Clips and many more if you have considered making videos on mobile devices.

VivaVideo is one of the top-ranking video editing apps, it's available on both iOS and Android. As of October 4, 2022, VivaVideo has gained more than 13 million reviews on Google Play and got an average score 4.4 stars of 5.

VivaVideo is very easy-to-use and feature-rich. Here we use Vivavideo on iPhone as example. Tap on VivaVideo icon to launch it, and you will see "Edit", "My drafts" and "Slideshow" and some other function buttons. Click "Edit" to add videos or click "Slideshow" to add photos from your photo library. Or click "My drafts" to edit previously saved draft.

VivaVideo App

After clicking "Edit" or "Slideshow" button, you will see 5 tabs which are Theme, Music, Clip Edit, Text & Fx and Filter.

Theme: Choose a built-in theme and apply to the video editing project.

Music: Edit original sound, or add MP3 music, built-in sound effects and audio recording as background music.

Clip Edit: Many powerful video editing functions are available, including Canvas, Trim, Split, Delete, Speed, Mute, Volume, Voice Changer, Transition, Filter, Watermark, Reverse, Rotate, Duplicated and Sort. When creating slideshow, available functions may be a little different.

VivaVideo Clip Edit

Text & Fx: Text, Speech-to-text, Sticker, FX, Mosaic and Mixer are available.

Filter: Many built-in Filter are available. You can also choose an effect in Effect tab and adjust parameters in Adjust tab.

Vivavideo can be used for free and there are some limitations as below. Some features with VIP mark are only available for paid users.

  • Vivavideo Free can not create videos which are longer than 5 minutes.
  • Vivavideo watermark will be displayed in the right bottom corner of created videos or slideshows.
  • A few themes in Theme tab can't be used in Vivavideo Free.
  • Speech-to-text and Mosaic in Text & Fx tab can't be used in Vivavideo Free.
  • Adjusting parameters in Filter tab can't be used in Vivavideo Free.
  • Extracting audio from video and setting as BGM is not available in Vivavideo Free.
  • Exporting 1080P or 4K video or slideshow is not available in Vivavideo Free.

You can join Vivavideo VIP to remove the limitations. And there are monthly, annual and lifetime plans. Before joining VIP, you can also apply a 3-day VIP to try all the functions.

After editing, you can tap "Save" button on the upper-right to save the video project or the slideshow on your device or publish to YouTube and social networking websites.

At this time, many users are using both Apple Music and VivaVideo on same device and they wonder whether they can use their favorite Apple Music songs as background music in VivaVideo. The answer may be disappointed. VivaVideo can only support MP3 as background music. However, if you use Apple Music Converter, it will be as easy as a breeze.

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter: The Solution to Add Apple Music to Vivavideo

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter is the dedicated solution to add Apple Music songs to Vivavideo as background music because it can effortlessly convert Apple Music songs to MP3 format. Besides, TuneMobie Apple Music Converter also comes with many other wonderful features as below.

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter

  • Convert Apple Music songs, albums and playlists to MP3 which can be used in Vivavideo
  • Convert Apple Music for VivaVideo with a built-in web player without using iTunes or Music app
  • If necessary, you can also convert Apple Music songs to M4A, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, etc.
  • Keep music information including title, album, artist, track number and artwork
  • Rename output files in bulk by title, album, artist, track number, hyphen, space, etc.
  • Sort output files into folders by album, artist, artist/album or album/artist.
  • Losslessly convert 256kbps Apple Music AAC file to 320kbps MP3 or 256kbps M4A
  • Enjoy incredible 20X faster conversion speed on both Windows and macOS
  • Fully compatible with latest Windows and macOS (Intel & Apple silicon)

The free trial version of TuneMobie Apple Music Converter allows you to convert 3 minutes of each song and convert 3 files at a time. If you want to use your favorite Apple Music songs in VivaVideo as background music, do not hesitate to download it and have a try.

Steps to Add Your Favorite Apple Music Songs to VivaVideo as Background Music

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter is very easy-to-use and intuitive with a built-in Apple Music web player and 20X faster conversion speed. Follow the steps below and you can easily add your favorite Apple Music songs to VivaVideo as background music.

Step 1: Launch TuneMobie Apple Music Converter and Sign in

Launch TuneMobie Apple Music Converter and you will see a built-in Apple Music web player. Click "Sign In" button at the upper right to sign in the Apple Music web player. You don't need to enter Apple ID and password next time if you don't sign out. After signing in, all Apple Music playlists in your library will be displayed in the left panel.

Launch TuneMobie Apple Music Converter

Step 2: Choose MP3 Output Format

The default output format is AUTO option (256kbps M4A) which is not compatible with VivaVideo. To change the output format to MP3 for VivaVideo, you need to click Settings icon at the upper right to open Settings dialog, then change output format to MP3. If necessary, you can also change output folder, the way of renaming and sorting output files, action after conversion, etc.

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter output settings

Step 3: Open Apple Music Album/Playlist

Go back to the built-in Apple Music web player and browse your favorite album or playlist, then open the detailed page of an album or a playlist and song list will be displayed.

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter interface

Step 4: Add Album/Playlist to Conversion List

You can easily find a button in the center right, move your mouse to the button and it will be changed to "Add to list" button. Click "Add to list" button to add all the songs in the album/playlist to conversion list.

Add Apple Music album/playlist to conversion list

Step 5: Choose the Songs

All the songs will be checked by default. If you don't want to convert some of the songs, you can simply uncheck them.

Conversion list

Step 6: Start Apple Music Conversion

Now simply click the Convert button to start converting Apple Music songs to MP3 format which can be added to VivaVideo.

Converting Apple Music songs

Step 7: Transfer Output Music to Mobile Device

The way of transferring output music to device is different on iOS and Android.

For iPhone and iPad, you need to add output songs to music library first. If you are using iTunes on Windows or macOS 10.9 - 10.14.6, please launch iTunes alone, click menu "File" > "Add File to iTunes Library" and add the MP3 output songs to iTunes library. If you are using Music app on macOS 10.15 or later, please launch Music app alone, click menu "File" > "Import" to add output MP3 files to music library.

Import songs to Music app

Then create a playlist and add the songs, connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer with USB cable and synchronize the playlist to it.

For Android, connect your device to computer with USB cable first. On your phone, tap the "Charging this device via USB" notification, Under "Use USB for," select "File Transfer". Then choose copy the output songs from output folder and paste to Music folder in Android.

Step 8: Choose Music as BGM in VivaVideo

After you copied the converted Apple Music songs to your device, you can choose them as background music in your video or slideshow project. Open a project, in the "Music" tab, tap "Music" button or "Add music" bar under the videos or photos, and you will see "Featured" and "Your Music". The converted Apple Music songs you have transferred to your device will be listed here. Tap on a song, you can trim it if necessary. Now tap "Use" button to set it as background music of your video editing project.

Choose Background Music from Your Music

Actually, you can add your own MP3 files to VivaVideo in several ways. at the bottom of "Your Music" tab, you can also see "How to add your own music", then three ways including iTunes synchronization, SNS sharing and airdrop will be provided. As to adding Apple Music to VivaVideo, no matter which way you use, you need to convert the Apple Music songs to MP3 files with Apple Music Converter on your computer first.

Bottom line

If fact, Apple Music Converter is versatile for all kinds of video editing apps on iOS and Android, as well as for video editing programs on Windows and Mac. What you need to do is to convert Apple Music to compatible audio format first.

If you are using VivaVideo and Apple Music on same device, and want to use Apple Music songs as Background music in your video or slideshow, do not hesitate to download Apple Music Converter to have a try!

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